Tuesday, October 30, 2012

         "They Know, They Know, They Know" might sound familiar to a native ear that listens to Young Money artist Drake, but little does the audience really "Know" what goes on behind the scenes of an artists project. A hit record, is built from a team effort, and behind "Headlines" hook, sits young Miami/Houston artist iRome. As far as songwriting credibility goes, iRome has an outstanding resume of making commercial catchy hooks. As an electronic/pop artist, he goes a long way & can most of the time work with any type of genre. He explains, "being a striving artist in Houston, it made him master his own craft, & help other known artists". After a year of songwriting, iRome was picked up by Byron Trice, a Miami native who managed hip hop acts such as Trina, Plies, & Rick Ross. "I became tired of writing hits for others", says the 21 year old Houstonian, "I wanted to apply my talent to myself & grow". "You have to be very careful in the industry, with favors, & it doesn't matter how far deep you're in it, when credit is due, executives & managers disappear, that's the blunt truth, anyone else would tell you the same". He says he learned to be aggressive from close industry friend Roscoe Dash, who helped him a lot morally when he began writing & singing. Well, we are glad to hear that iRome did receive his "Take Care" plaque, after the monumental success of the album. And we were the first ones to find out, that Drake will be joining iRome for a future project on his first album "NeverLand" which is due mid 2013. "The song that Drake & I have in the works is actually a remake of a very popular song I had done in Houston 3 years ago" & also says that his real fans should know exactly which song he's talking about. In present day, iRome has quit songwriting & stepped up to pursue his own music career as an electronic/pop artist in Miami, Florida where he is working under hit maker Flo Rida, with IMG StrongArm.

-October 15, 2012 Orlando Sentinel
by: Greg Sandoval